Monday, December 20, 2010

Oats and bubble gum

Anyone who thinks the shit hasn't already hit the fan may very well soon end up eyebrows deep in it. And then what? You can only stand on your tippy toes for so long. Yeah, perhaps I'm a doomer. How could anyone not be? Maybe those who have yet to be blessed with the loud popping sound of a skull extraction.

Sure I could bitch and moan about the state of the world and probably will somewhat. A bit of a hobby I suppose. One that provides the same pleasure as scratching a rash. Kind of feels good as the pain keeps increasing. The economy is tanking pretty hard. Has been for a looong time. There's debate right now on whether or not to stop making the Canadian penny. Costs more to make than it's worth. 35 years ago I could buy 2 pieces of bubble gum for a penny. Now the same gum (smaller peices) costs 5 cents per piece. Even a kid that's been dropped on his head can see that's a pretty significant devaluation of our currency.

Recently I posted about feed store rolled oats. Well surprise, the damn things still have all the husks. We cooked up a sample pot of oatmeal to try anyway. It was kind of hard to eat. Probably quite healthy for the pipe though, what with all those husks, and much safer than swallowing the barbeque brush. So we sealed it up in food grade buckets and will store it as food for the critters. So, not a total failure for the experiment. We also plan on trying a small amount in muffins and whole grain breads. That actually might work out quite well.

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