Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Cost of Weasels

So I posted this on my facebook page:

The government tells us inflation was 3%. WTF? Do any these of these assholes buy sugar, flour, or fuel? Or is it that the only thing that went up 3% was the cost of sucking off some corporate weasel?

And my wife posted this reply:

Oh my God, are you kidding? Fuck. I totally would have sucked off more weasels had I known the price was going up. At least taking it up the ass is still free.

All I can say is my old lady is the smartest, funniest, hottest babe this side of anyfuckingwhere.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Not now honey, the game is on.

As much as politicians like to think they are so important, they are not and no one gives a shit. We have some pretty serious voter apathy in this country. Can't blame us, there is no one to vote for. The leaders of all our parties make me cringe. I feel like I'm being asked to choose between a cracked skull or a punch in the balls. On the national propaganda airwaves (CBC) this morning they said that all the leaders of the political parties agreed to change the time of one of the debates because of a conflict. What could be more important than hearing what the leaders have to say about what they would do if given the most powerful position in the country? Get this, it conflicts with a first round playoff hockey game. Well, give the people what they want I guess.  I feel much better knowing that if China-mart has a sale on the same day as the election, the election will probably just be rescheduled. People do love to get tons of poor quality junk they don't need. More people go to China-mart than watch hockey, so here is my free advice to the leader-losers we have in this country. Check with ALL the big private corporations before scheduling your meaningless, annoying, time and money wasting election if you want anybody to show up.

Actually, if we had no government at all, people wouldn't even realize it for quite some time. After a while you might start hearing things like "Hey, have you noticed things seem a lot less fucked up lately?"

I certainly don't buy into this argument that if I don't vote I have no right to complain. Bullshit, I've read our constitution and it doesn't mention that. Nor is there any law, statute or regulation that says so. I'm guaranteed freedom of conscience and expression. Now if all our asshole politicians started reading, understanding and obeying the Canadian Constitution and The Charter of Rights and Freedoms, that would be one hell of a good start. It may even be enough to convince me to take 20 minutes out of my day every fours years to go down the street and vote.

But as it is now,  I certainly don't give a shit who votes or who wins. Spring is here and my focus is on gardening, earthbag building and increasing my self sufficiency skills.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Two Bucket Gardens

We get our buckets for free from bakeries. They come in different sizes, but most are 4 or 4-1/2 gallons and all have lids. Bakeries are a great source because you know that the buckets are food grade. Best of all, they are free. There are some things that it's important to have plenty of because of the myriad of uses. Duct tape is one of these. I now believe that free bakery buckets is another. We've used several already for storing preps like grains, beans and even candles and matches. They also hold a variety of other things we always need held around the domestead.

Well shucks, if there ain't just another way cool use for these darned things. A two bucket system for container gardening. Check out this site http://www.globalbuckets.org/

I won't go into too many details because the kids on this site lay it all out very well. That's right, I said kids. Shortish people that you usually find going blind in front a video game console or texting each other across the room. These young people actually put a lot of effort into showing the rest of us how to make a very effective but simple garden bucket. This weekend we made five of them in under 2 hours. Ours are slightly different because of materials on hand, but basically the same.

Water is always an issue here because we only get about 11 inches of rainfall per year. Our well water is too salty for using very much on gardens. So water conservation practices are an important issue for us. If you could get blood from a stone, these hot prairie winds would dry that sucker out in about half an hour. So we are looking forward to trying these buckets with a few different crops this year including pumpkins, peppers and goji berries.