Friday, May 21, 2010

Another long weekend is here and I could sure use one. There is so much to be done at the domestead that I can't even make a list. It would take so long that the time would be better spent actually working on the things to be done. I am determined to get from overwhelmed to just plain old whelmed. The one bright spot in all this seemingly endless work to be done is that my old lady is like a machine. I can't imagine taking on the lengthy list of projects without her. I've gotta work my butt off just to not look like some sort of pansy next to her efforts.
The list of stuff we have on the go includes building a new home (made out of mud of course), new permaculture plots for food production, working on electrical generation blah, blah blah. We're moving to an off grid lifestyle. We've already moved to the middle of nowhere and have a small piece of land to work with. What an incredible amount of work it is. It's not that I don't like work, actually I do. I find manual labour to actually soothe me and clear the brain. Maybe that is some kind of disorder, I don't know. Seems like everything is a disorder these days.
I'm trying very hard to get away from my old way of life. One where I was the perfect little consumer. Working at a career that paid me well to help mess up the world. Living in a big city that now seems like a prison without walls. Always locked into some sort of crazy internal race with myself to see if I could make more money or spend more money. The further I get from that rat race the better I feel.
Anyway it looks like the weather will be perfect for working outside this weekend. I'm going to be working on the garden and the earthbag dome home so that my tiny piece of the world improves somewhat. I wonder what those evil bastards at Monsanto will be doing with their time...