Sunday, March 25, 2012

Know your rights

Today there was an announcement that the Canadian government will be giving Thailand's police force seven million dollars. This really burns my ass. Meanwhile the national police force here at home doesn't even know Canadian law. I guess we can't afford to train the Thai police AND our own.

OK, yeah yeah, I got another speeding ticket recently. I asked the officer to show me some identification.  His first response was that he did not carry any and that officers on duty typically don't. ????  So I politely informed him that it is the law that he must carry picture ID and a badge and that it is my right to ask to see it. He goes back to his vehicle to prepare my ticket. After what seemed like about 20 times what it would take to write a ticket he returns to my vehicle to present me with my tax bill for driving over the posted limit. This time he brought a grouchy little friend with him.

I asked again to please see some ID and a badge. The grouchy fellow asks me why I think I have the right to make such a request. I let him know it's the law. I get the same answer I always do in this situation, "Uniform, stripe on the leg, gun on the hip, police car. What more identification do you need?" I always come back with same reply, "A badge with a number on it that matches your picture ID." Finally the first officer shows me his badge and ID. He says this is so " We can all go home having had a pleasant experience". ???? I'm sure he didn't want a report filed that he was negligent in his duty as a Peace Officer. That is a criminal offense. I won't bother with letting their superiors know what rude, lying bastards these officers were. I'm just satisfied with knowing that two more cops are aware that one more citizen knows his rights and will insist upon them being honored.

Please, please, always be courteous in these situations. I don't want anyone to get hurt. If things seem to be escalating, just back off. It's not worth getting beat by some cop. There's enough of that already. I do however urge everyone to learn what their rights are and start insisting on them. Our rights and freedoms are being taken away with alarming speed these days. We have to do what we can to ensure we keep them. Once they are gone, we will not be getting them back very easily.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Rocket Mass Re-Build

We've had a freakishly mild winter this year. Works for me. Although surviving through multiple week stretches of -40 weather is kind of a badge of honour many Canadians are proud of, I hate that shit. It's almost over anyway, and the season for building things and growing stuff is so close now. Today was a beautiful, sunny +5 C day with no wind. Mrs. Mud and I went wandering around the acreage looking for scavenging materials that we've probably seen a dozen times but still hadn't figured out what to do with. As new projects develop there is often something laying around that seemed to have no good purpose until just right now. Also, today I cleaned one of the guns, went outside and put 25 rounds through it. Wandering around the property with the old lady in beautiful weather and then some shooting adds up to a pretty wonderful day.
I have nothing to complain about. Well, except that my government (and probably yours too) is filled with a bunch of peckerheads bent on turning the country into a corporate free-for-all while 'real persons' struggle to survive and pay the politicians lucrative salaries and pensions.

My rocket mass heater is acting weird. I'm thinking of tearing it apart for a complete rebuild. That certainly doesn't cause me to complain. On the contrary. How many people with 'traditional' heating systems in their 'traditional' homes can just rebuild it themselves? That's why I love owner built homes using mostly natural materials. I'm in control. I don't need some overpriced furnace guy or electrician to come into my home, do some weird voodoo I don't understand and leave me with a huge bill. (I don't mean to rag on plumbers or electricians in particular, I'd understand if they felt the same way about some overpriced GIS dude handing them a bill for something they didn't understand or need and could have likely done a different way themselves for free.)

When I first fired up the mass heater it worked great. And has since, but not consistently. Sometimes it will reverse. All of a sudden, the airflow will change and blow smoke into the house. Then it reverses again, sucks smoke back into the feed tube and makes that satisfying rocket sound, just like it should. I have some ideas why this is happening. One is that the vertical stack at the end of the run within the mass is just not getting warm enough. There isn't enough heat left by the time it reaches the stack to combat the push from the column of cold air fighting against it. That's one possibility anyway, I'm not sure if it explains the 'pulsing' motion of air flow though. Another possible issue may be that my bell chamber between the barrel and the beginning of the run the mass might have too much volume. Another problem may be that since winter got here before the thing was completely finished there may be minor air leakage around the bottom of the barrel. All these problems can be easily dealt with in a rebuild. I will go with a shorter run through thermal mass. Also reconfigure the layout so that the final vertical piece of pipe that leaves the house would be positioned right against (or darn close) to the heat exchange barrel. Both these things would increase the temperature of the gasses in the vertical stack, thereby increasing the 'suck' at the feed tube.

As much as I wish no changes would be required I'm glad to learn this now instead of after moving in this fall only to be smoked out in the winter. I don't want to be pondering improvements to the system standing outside in January watching smoke billow out the windows.