Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Feed Store Preps

What did you do to prep this week? That line from MD Creekmore keeps running through my head. Every week of spring through fall I worked on building my earthbag domes. But now it's winter and the daylight is so short. It's cold all the time and plenty of snow. That doesn't mean I can't prep though. I've been sorting out my tools, organizing different materials, getting things done that I never had time to do during the building season.

My wife and I have been building up our food supply for a while now too. Canned fruits,  tomato sauce and a variety of staples are filling up our shelves. We bought a quarter of beef this fall too. This week we started on some longer term storage. I picked up 25kg (56lb) of rolled oats and enough food grade cotainers to store it all. I got the oats at the feed store for $11. That works out to 19 cents a pound. If I were to buy rolled oats at the zombie infested supermarket, they are at least $2.50 per pound. The buckets were free from a bakery in town.

Sure the rolled oats were sold as animal feed, but so what? It's not like the farmer plants different oats in different fields for human feed. And when SHTF, no one will think twice about eating cheap grains. I'd even eat the horse the oats were intended for if things got bad enough.

If your buying grains at the feed store, just make sure to get stuff that does not have anything added, like hormones, molasses, etc. Just plain grain. Just plain cheap.

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