Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Kill the messenger

Unbelievable. Tom Flanagan is a top adviser to our country's Prime Minister. This idiot was on national television advocating the murder of the wikileaks guy. Is this the best Canada has to offer?

You would think that of all the dirty, corrupt backrooms across this country they could do better than this twit. He is stupid enough to make a comment advocating the assassination of a foreign citizen. Oh, wait a minute, he's saying that Obama should do it. Well that makes sense. After all we don't do such things in Canada. We don't because we can't. But just think if we could... Good thing we have such people as Mr Flanagan stroking our leaders. When we finally get the kill skill that our American pals have we'll be ready.

Until then, I will just concentrate on my little hill with windows. Just about finalized the design for the rocket stove mass heater.