Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Can you think of a reason NOT to prep?

I urge everyone to prep. Sometimes only once or twice though. Some folks seem to get amusement out of calling me paranoid. You can't argue with them. If they refuse to acknowledge the need to have some preparations in place then they are delusional.

It's not like we can't all see the warnings. Shit, even the mainstream media is even reporting things are not good. Inflation, corporate fraud, political crimes, homelesness, unemployment, natural and man made disasters, blah, blah blah. Oh yeah and war. Everybody was pretty bored with the 8 year old ones, so time to start another.

Prep everybody. Prep like your life depended on it. Prep like a motherfucker. Who knows, perhaps everything will be rainbows and unicorns will fly around farting glitter. If I'm wrong then feel free to call me a dipshit and drop off all that useless prep stuff you collected at my place. (Just call ahead and I'll remove the spike belt.)


  1. No 0 reasons to not prep. 1000 reasons to.


  2. Hi Muddome,

    Thinking about what you're preparing for is as important as your preps. For instance, a bug-out bag would be heavy and awkward if you're just standing in line, waiting to be processed, at the FEMA camp.

    I just bought a pallet of oatmeal at Sam's Club, so I've got breakfast covered for a year when SHTF. A man's gotta know what's important. :)


  3. A good antidote to the shock of perceiving the vast, rapid and imminent changes in our world, is to re-engage with our habitat. Practical skills like building and food preservation, using various forms of energy to do work, and contributing to the strength and diversity of local life (flora, fauna, soil, community)... all of this turns anxiety and fear into confidence, the enjoyment of using one's body and mind, the rejuvenated experience of seeing cycles, patterns and change in one's surroundings... It's all hippie crap, and it's great crap, suitable to living differently when the status quo just feels wrong.