Monday, March 7, 2011

All Aboard?

Got a dream? Got a partner? If you have both, you may have a problem. That is unless your partner shares your dream or at least fully supports it. The bigger your dream is, the more important this is. The size of your partner doesn't really have anything to do with this. If your dream is something like riding a horse one time then you can probably fit that in without causing your significant other any grief.

But if your goals, dreams are long term, lifestyle type things then you have two choices. First, get a new dream. Or, second, get a new partner.

I'm fortunate enough that the goals I have are shared by my wife. She and I have developed goals that fit both our interests. And it's a damned good thing too. Going off grid, living in the middle of nowhere in a frozen wasteland building a house made out of dirt isn't something a lot of people itch for. For all I know we may be the only two.

My lovely wife taking a much deserved break

We've moved many, many, many tons of earth in 5 gal. buckets

Recently we were kind of hitting a wall with the design of one of our rocket stoves. We were both frustrated. But since the project is important to both of us, we just worked through it until we arrived at a solution we are both happy with. No bloodshed, no torn larynx, just arriving there together.

Got convergence?


  1. Rub it in why don't ya? : ) Not only is your wife on board with ya, she's damn good lookin' too! Ya lucky dawg....

  2. Mayberry,
    Yeah, I'm one fortunate sonofabitch.

  3. You are a lucky man my friend. I'm pretty darned happy for the both of you. My partner don't say much and is'nt much help either, and she's a reeal dog. Maybe someday that will all change too. lol. It's an interesting project you have going on, and I'm following along.

  4. Had to laugh at "The size of your partner doesn't really have anything to do with this." :)

    Enjoyed the post. My wife and I are fairly aligned. Very lucky!

  5. Just found your site. Way cool. You two are SO blessed to be in the same frame of mind. Keep up the good work.

  6. My better half does think the size of his partner is helpful (that's me) as I'm tall and strong and i can swing an axe and chop wood and loads a barrow and stack if! So, having a 5'10" missus is useful! we're both on board and doing every thing we can not to give anyone the money we need to stash to get out of the rat race - loving your blog and following it with interest - love frugal queen - cornwall uk

  7. Got the dream, currently no partner, but do have a very supportive 10-yr-old :) Finding people that don't go bug-eyed when you start talking natural building, homesteading, etc, is just plain HARD! Glad y'all have each other.