Wednesday, October 13, 2010

warm ears

We all want freedom, right? I'm not so sure. So many of the sheeple don't even want to think about the fact that they are slaves, let alone do anything about it. It pisses me off. But whatever, keep shopping, watching sports, sucking the government tit. What these sleep walking bots do will not keep me from thriving and surviving. It would be wonderful if more people could wake from the trance that gov-corp has lulled our society into. Maybe it will happen, maybe not. The deception has been in play for generations now.

Central banks including the Federal Reserve are privately owned companies. Mainstream media is owned by the same elite that own the banks. Countries are forced to lick the boots of the International Monetary Fund. The education system teaches lies to our children. Corporations are bigger and more powerful than governments. Profits are more important than people. And all this buggery is controlled by a very small group of very powerful puppet masters. If you don't think so then your some kind of retard. Or in such denial you've convinced yourself that sphincter around your neck is a comfort you could not live without.

At least you're keeping your ears warm.


  1. Darwins Law could come in handy about right now.
    Those all powerful cock suckers could do us all a favor and pull a Princess Dianna.

  2. BTW, Yer on my Blogroll now and thanks fer stopping by.