Monday, September 20, 2010

Lately a lot of American politicians have been coming to Canada to talk about our tar sands. There have been campaigns for and against oil from this source. Sometimes I find it to be comical, sometimes it makes my blood boil.

An example of humour in this is companies that will not use 'the dirty oil' from the Canadian tar sands. Yeah, good luck with that. Americans are willing to send their kids half way around the world to die for oil. ( Oil, freedom, freedom, oil, it's all the same right?) And just how do these dipshits plan on determining where the oil they use comes from anyway, let alone separate it from the supply stream that feeds almost every product in the market today? It's just another example of blow-hards getting on the media to play the masses who refuse to think for themselves. Oooh, Greedcorp says they won't use that filthy Canadian oil, they must really care about the environment and me. What a warm load of exit stuff.

But here's the part that gets my dander up. Pelosi is having supper with the Premier of Alberta and they are talking about America's dependence on foreign oil. She actually says to him, 'Don't worry, we don't consider Canadian oil foreign.' Premier Ed Stelmach responds with such childlike glee, he almost wets his knickers. Excuse me? WTF? Do I need to send both these retards a map?

First of all, if the US doesn't want to buy our oil, then so be it. We'll keep it for later. But no, we're so anxious to sell it at any price they see fit and comply with whatever terms they wish.  The US, China, whoever. It doesn't matter. We will sell anyone all our raw materials, then try to scrape together a few bucks to buy back some finished products. We can't make anything here anymore. We've been de-industrialized.
I used to think I lived in the greatest country in the world. The more I look around though, I realize this country is just a resource whore for the world's johns.


  1. And that pretty well sums it up. It's all part of the failing Ponzi scheme...

  2. That about sums it up. It's all part of the failing Ponzi scheme...

  3. Mayberry,
    You're right. It just amazes me that more people don't want to look at the truth about all that is happening. An ostrich with it's head in the sand still has it's ass exposed.

  4. Yip the same thing is happening in our country...the signs are all there.

  5. African,
    It really upsets me that the citizens of a common law country have little or no say in what happens with what are supposed be be resources belonging to the people. The partnerships of government and global corporations are just ripping us all off.

  6. I saw a neat documentary called "Walking on Oil: Alberta's Oil Sands" that was very educational and _almost_ entertaining. The only downside was that it was sponsored/funded by the very companies that had the most to gain by its promotion. Still, the technical aspects were seriously interesting; I'd had no idea before I watched it that you could extract oil that way.