Monday, February 14, 2011

Cherry scented decline

So this morning the wife says something like "Happy-Bullshit-Spend-Some-Money-On-Hallmark-Day". God, I love that woman. We're the same when it comes to Christmas. If we want something or want to get each other something we can do just that on any ol' day. We love each other the whole year round, and don't feel the need to prove it on days that the corporations have specified.

This weekend I needed to pick up some windshield wiper fluid. I just could not believe my eyes. They actually had 'Cherry Scented'. WTF? Next thing you know, you'll be able to buy cinnamon flavoured tires for the car. I swear, the people running the corporations must have achieved so much success already that they just spend most of their days getting drunk and smoking crack. Or maybe they have so much money that they've decided to try a little experiment called 'what would happen if we just let retards run things?'

There is no doubt in my mind that we are already in decline. As our governments go broke, they restrict our freedoms. As corporations, structured around ever increasing profits don't get them, they become even more clever and agressive with the trickery and pressure tactics. And bankers, well these assholes can pretty much get away with murder because so few people are willing to understand how they even operate.

Anyway, enough of reading my blather. If you have someone in your life you love, you'd better get out there and spend a good size sum on proving it. There's only a few hours left.

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  1. I understand re spending, I'm not big on doing things because others do them, or because effective marketing tells me I should.

    However I do celebrate events: birthday's and anniversary's in particular. I do so not because I need to buy someones love, but to celebrate the love we share each day. It gives them and I a chance to look back over our year together and realize what a cool friendship/relationship we have.

    I hear you re the world falling apart. People and organizations are feeling the pressure and passing that on to those around them.