Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Consent to be governed

Some things I have noticed "they" want from us since I started paying attention:
Be educated - but not informed or intelligent
Be patriotic   - but not a patriot
Make money - but do not learn how it is created

I've spent some time lately learning about the freeman movement. It's all about living free, casting off the shackles of our government. It has taken quite a bit of research, learning legal defintiions of common words (think you know what a 'person' is?). Knowing intimately how the system works is required in order to abandon it. Our legal system is a tricky fucker. Even most cops don't know the difference between 'drive' and 'travel'. 'Driving' is a paid for commercial activity. To 'travel' (within Canada) is a right guaranteed by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. How come you have to re-register your vehicle every year? If these assholes can't keep records straight for longer than a year than what makes them worthy of being involved in the important stuff. (Like helping utility companies and other resource rapers expropriate our private property?) Well, it's just a tax grab, pure and simple. Revenue.

I watched a Rob Menard video on this issue and he asked, "OK so you have a driver's license. Did you read the Motor Vehicle Act first?" My answer was the same as everybody else's. "No. I was 16 and just wanted to get laid." I've paid taxes without reading the Income Tax Act. I've purchased permits without reading the legislation behind it. Registered my kids for birth certificates without understanding what was really going on. We aren't serfs because they conquered us. We willingly give them what they ask for.

Well now I am reading all this stuff. Tricky, tricky fuckers. I no longer wish to support a system I find abhorrent. The government extorts our money to casually give billions to corporations that use it to fuck us over again.

So piece by piece, I am withdrawing my consent to be governed.


  1. Right on Brother! Indeed we have all just let them Govern us without asking why? Many of us now want to know why?


  2. China,
    It's getting worse all the time. We're now supposed to ask for permission to do things our grandparents just did without thinking.

  3. the right to freely travel is also in our Constitution.. Drivers licenses and registration tariffs are not a requisite. Our fellow little sheeples let them get it. My fav has laways been property taxes.. Dont pay em and see what happens.. Why do I constantly have to pay for something over and over.

  4. Yip! the fuckers, I just wish more peaople would wake up to the fact that they are being taken for a fat ride.The area we live in, more of us are getting together to keep trade amongst the locals, often keeping cash out of the equation.

  5. Have you ever seen the Zeitgeist Movies? They are very eye opening, and they are right on the line of what you are talking about. Our family is going to get out soon. We have been looking forward to our approaching day for sometime. I applaud you and yours for making the move, and I know all the rewards are worth a few regrets. Keep up the good fight, and please continue to post, my husband and I read them to stay encouraged, and informed. :)

  6. I could not agree with you more. Thought I would drop by and see your blog. Thanks for coming by and leaving comments on my blog. You have a great blog by the way.

  7. Trash,
    The entire system would collapse if even only 1% of the population understood our constitutions and what is really going on. I think it's time...

    African Bliss,
    That's exactly what we need more of. In many ways it's easier to get by just by being outside the scam system.

    Big Vision,
    I've seen those movies. They offer quite a bit of very thought provoking info. I do drift away a bit though on the notion that we would all be happier in a mechanized utopia. Something deep down inside me says the answer may lie in more of a re-primitive-ization sort of approach. We may have no choice...

    Thanks for stopping by. I recently discovered your blog too. You've put up lots of info for those wishing to take care of themselves. Keep it up!

  8. Caught this little gem over at TheSurvivalistBlog.net

    "Building permits are not an issue for me since I live in a state of mind where they are not required."

    My wife and I are from the same "state" as you. We've lived in this "state" for about eleven years now. It's always good to find a "neighbor", since we don't have all that many.

    Hope you find something of value at my blog.

  9. G'day Muddhome,

    With the initial "registration" the "Manufactures Statement/Certificate of Origin" (the true "title") was signed by the dealer (the authorized representative of the manufacturer/creator) and the man and/or woman who bought the automobile, notarized and voluntarily given to the government, which made the government the equitable owner[1] of it. Now the nominal[2] owner (you) must obey all the rules that the equitable owner, the true owner, places upon its use, including the yearly "rent" that it demands.

    Same with your land, if it is "registered".

    Same with you, if you use a chattel number, a Taxpayer Identification Number (U.S.)

    "Tricky bastards"!!!

    [1] Equitable owner. One who is recognized in equity as the owner of property, because the real and beneficial use and title [MSO/MCO] belong to him, although the bare legal title is vested in another, e.g., a trustee for his benefit. ... There may therefore be two "owners" in respect of the same property, one the nominal or legal owner, the other the beneficial owner. ~ Black's Law Dictionary, Sixth Edition (c.1991), page 1105
    [2] Nominal. Titular; existing in name only; not real or substantial; connected with the transaction or proceeding in name only, not in interest. (Cite omitted) ~ Ibid., page 1049

  10. G'day once more,

    You wrote: "We aren't serfs because they conquered us. We willingly give them what they ask for."

    That's a fact.

    As Benjamin Franklin might put it we traded our liberty for a little security, or so we thought anyway. Caught in a "monkey trap".

    The original monkey trap involves a hollow coconut chained to a stake and baited with food. It has a hole large enough for the monkey to put its hand into, but too small to remove its hand while holding the bait. The monkey needs only to let go to escape, but gets caught because it refuses to let go in its panic to keep its precious find. ~ Urban Dictionary