Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bank morons

I'm not sure who's the bigger moron, me or the bank employee. Is it me for even using these soul sucking corporations, giving them a portion of my limited funds to basically do nothing of value for me? Or is it the bank employees who don't even realize they are just little pawns in a huge multi-national scheme to drain wealth from people and provide their corporate masters unlimited power and control over every aspect of our society?

I guess as long as neither of us are aware of what's really going on we can't be blamed for our ignorance. Ignorance is one thing, but refusal to look at facts is stupidity. Wake up sheeple, ignoring what's going on won't help you in the long run. Watching reality TV, sports and shopping won't be of much value if/when the economy/society implodes. Seventy-five million people play that silly farm game on facebook. When the lights won't come on any more I guess they can eat their computers. Enjoy.

I digress. Back to the bank employees. At a bank a while back I closed an account and the teller prepared a bank draft for me. She then informed me that they normally charge a fee for such a piece of paper, but in this case she would waive said fee. Then she looked at me, waiting for me to express exuberant appreciation of some sort. Like perhaps I should bow down and offer to wash her feet. Ridiculous. That little paper contains my money, taken from my account, issued to me. I have to pay to have access to my own funds? We've all somehow come to accept this when dealing with the teller machines, but I'll be damned if I'm going to pay a fee when I actually show up in the bank in person to get MY money that I have been gracious enough to let them use for a while. Don't even get me started on what a scam the fractional reserve system is and the evil they perpetrate with my money while I let them borrow it from me.

While I'm waiting for papers to be printed I'm sitting in the office of an account manager. We're chit-chatting a bit and I ask him "What do you think of our monetary system being based on debt?" He says "I think it's fine." I ask him "What do you think of the fractional reserve system?" He replies "That's a little above my pay-grade Sir." I ask him one more question, "did you know that the US Federal Reserve is a private corporation?" His answer, "No."

So the guy doesn't know anything about the world of finance after all the money and time he spent getting an education in the field, so what? Well he is the individual the banks have glossy ads for, trying to persuade me to 'consult' with for all my investment needs. A 'professional'. Oh well. As long as he can keep a smile on his face while he is selling the financial instruments he is instructed to (whether or not he even understands them) he'll be fine. And if he sells enough of them, maybe in a couple years he'll get an office with a window.Ooooh, dare to dream big.

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  1. Pretty bad when the bankers don't know their own industry. Meh, most people don't want to know any more than they need to get by...